Wednesday, 7 October 2015

New Beginnings & Revisiting Old Photos

Pentax K1000 - Exposures of Autumn Project

Hello, it's been a long time since I have done a post and it's great to see what views it is still getting. In My Depth of Field has been a great record for me as I built my career path into being a photographer but it was a dream that only went so far and I found it wasn't the right fit for what I wanted. On the otherhand, I still love to take pictures and have dedicated a page on my new blog: Zoë's Creative Nook, all to my new and some old photos that I have featured on In My Depth of Field.

Although I have stepped down from photography as a career, it still plays a big role in illustrating my creative pursuits such as my knitting projects, cooking projects and my posts where I just like to write.

I am currently returning back to my Pentax film camera and creating the Exposures of Autumn, which will be a gallery post on my blog and focusing on the beauty of film and the different effects that can be created through a different medium.

In My Depth of Field will be up for a little longer but if I will be continuing my posts on Zoë's Creative Nook. 

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Soft Spring Morning

'Soft Spring Morning'
Zoë Bull

I love Spring and Autumnal sunrises in particular. In Autumn, the leaves glow a red and golden hue, but in the Spring, there is this softness, a delicate touch of nature that caresses the budding blossoms and a rainbow of pastel light, diffused by the clouds…just lovely. 

I noticed it as I came into the kitchen this morning to have my breakfast. I wasn't interested in watching the news, but just being quiet and frequently turning my head to look out the window every mouthful or so. I loved this view and I had always wanted to take the perfect picture on this window sill, with all the cute little ornaments standing in a line. I had bought the flowers yesterday and though they would normally be placed on the kitchen table, the window sill seemed like a nice change. The sun looked beautiful as it shined on the chrysanthemums and it just felt like Spring had really begun. 

I finished eating my breakfast and had a feeling inside that I just had to get my camera. The moment could pass by the time I went upstairs to fetch it, but I thought it was worth it. Angle and light were everything and I have just got a huge admiration for soft light photographs. It's something I've noticed around on Pinterest a lot and on the web generally, and I would love to get it perfected. 

I know time of day is a commitment when it comes to special kinds of natural lighting. We often find ourselves shooting at midday when we know the sun is out, but as photographers know, the harshest kind of light is during that period so I think if you want to create something special photographing in the morning and evening sounds like a plan. 

'Soft Crysanthemums'
Zoë Bull


Regarding my knitting photography book project. I have create an additional blog for all my knitting going-ons and discussions on my project - A Journey of String

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Using Photography To Create A Record of Your Creations

'Ladybird Mug Cosy'
Project 1
Zoë Bull 

It's really great to see a project being made. 
What we look for in life is immediate results. There were immediate results crowding my mind as I was  working on my project and then getting the 'perfect' picture created and then edited. What we really should be grateful of is the journey. The time spent in the studio, getting the lights right and experimenting, and learning how things work if they go wrong. We all just seem to want to rush and then when we have got there…it's on to a new adventure. 

I like to make records of things. I also like to make things, and when I make things, they get separated from other projects and put behind cupboard doors and in storage. I decided that with all the things that I am starting to knit,  that I didn't want them to be separated. Some knits may be gifts, some may get lost. However, it's a good thing I like capturing things through photographs, and it is a great way to record things. 

With this photo book project, I'm going to combine my two creative loves and encase all my knitting projects in a photographic print form that will make think, 'Wow! I made that! I took that too!''

And this was what I was talking about in my first post of this year, doing the things that you love to do. Better more, not only do I combine two of my creative interests, I get to enjoy writing about them too. 

'Ladybird Mug Cosy'
Project 1
Zoë Bull 

  • Project 1 out of 30
  • A personal project where I create 30 knits of my choice 
  • Build up my product photography and still life skills 
  • Get creative
  • And do something I enjoy doing


Mug Cosy pattern from Cute & Easy Knitting - Fiona Gable 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Watches and Inanimate Objects Through Time

Watch (2009)
By Zoë Bull 
'Rainbow Watch'
Zoë Bull

I have always enjoyed still life. Before I had any people to photograph, inanimate objects were my sitters and it would often be a snap. As I have grown as a photographer, my snaps have turned into conscious decisions and experiments of position and now introducing lighting.

I wish I had known sooner that artificial lighting wasn't scary. I would only rely on natural light and would be sure that I could work something out to make my images look fantastic. It doesn't mean to say that some pictures don't look great, the sun can be a powerful tool. 'Frosty Leaf' from my last post was entirely natural light. It would look a bit strange if it was on a white background but then it is all about the purpose.

I am in the progress of creating a still life personal portfolio. I enjoy knitting and working in the studio with a photography table gives me a great opportunities to photograph my creations and collect them into a book one day.

The first project is almost at it's completion. I am very exciting and will be posting it on In My Depth of Field and my Flickr page so you can watch it's journey as it goes along.

For now, I have been doing some practice and quite interested in getting into product photography for catalogues and websites. None of the these products are for sale directly from me as I have found them round my house, but you will get the idea.

'Lego Desk-Tidy Man'
By Zoë Bull 

Artist's Wooden Man
By Zoë Bull 

Gispy Moth & Postcards And Suntan Cream
Books By Jean Bull 
Zoë Bull 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Do What You Love To Do...

'Frosty Leaf'
Sony World Photography Awards Entry
Zoë Bull

Sometimes it is about going back to the roots to the things that interest you. With Photography we start off by photographing things that we find exciting and it's all just strictly personal. Then if you start a degree or doing work, you sort of forget the photography that was once a hobby, and I think they are two different areas. 

I took this image of Frosty Leaf just after Christmas in my garden. We say winter is so depressing and the worst time for photographers. However, if you look carefully there is beauty within winter and that is what I aim to express in this image. Inside, I felt amazing. I had felt this photographic euphoria for a long time because I had been taking pictures for projects at uni and draining my natural inspiration. 

It was great to wander round the garden with my wellies on, and the sun creating low gentle shadows and twinkling diamond droplets on the washing line. I also had the positing feeling of getting some exercise and oxygen into my body, it was fresh and invigorating. 

Like anything, it is great to get in touch with yourself on a personal level - just you and the hobby that you love. We need this to feel revitalised and it gets us away from being glued to our technology and actually achieving something with our lives. 

So go out and do something that you haven't really done for a while, or try something that you have always wanted to do. That's what I'm trying to do this year. I hope it's a good one. 

Happy New Year!

'Village Wanderer'
Sony World Photography Awards Entry
Zoë Bull

If you want to something exciting and different with your photography, why don't you send some of your favourite/best photos to an online photography competition. I featured these in the Sony World Photography Awards 2014 competition. It has now closed, but there are many out there for photographers at any level, not just for the professionals. Even if you don't win, you can still feel you have done something productive. You never know, you might be surprised. 

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Black-and-White Film: The Selective Photographer...

'Across the Seine'  (2013)
Zoë Bull

Summer. Holidays, sun and photographs. 
The magic thing about photography, now with it's instancy, is that it is so accessible. You can just reach into your pocket or your bag and whip out your phone or tablet and take that picture of a beautiful Parisian building and edit it within minutes of it's capture. But then it just sits there for a while or a little longer while yet, collecting invisible digital dust. It sort loses it's value, don't you think? 

Sometimes if you have a collection of images, such as from a holiday, you may transfer them to your computer, before another couple of months, before they actually get printed. Do they ever get printed? Really? How often these days do your holiday pictures get printed and returned to you in the post, enclosed within an envelope? There is such excitement in that and it rarely happens anymore. 

The present alternative seems to be a photo-book. They can look good, but where is the tangibility; the feel of those thick self adhesive pages, lightly covered in clear film, protecting each individual print, that you have taken time into thinking about and capturing? Is it more about the collection of photos as one, rather than the individual photos that make up the collection? It's hard to tell, isn't it? 

'Stacked Chairs'  (2013)
Zoë Bull
However, regardless of what the modern norm seems to be and how agreeably affordable it is, I wanted to do something a bit different for my recent holiday in Paris. It was hot and the sky was blue, but I had in mind, from the very words that initiated the trip that I wanted to photograph in black-and-white film. 

It had been a while since I had photographed with Ilford HP5 film seeing as the darkroom seemed to be too long winded for me when you would only achieve several decent prints after a whole day in there - I contradict myself with some instancy that I do need. So I have been using Kodak coloured film instead, for the meantime. I do however, adore the aesthetics of black-and-white film, with it's fine grain that gives it that timeless look and the purity in the tones of the highlights and shadows. 

Digital photography is still fantastic and I use it a lot, but it's only crisp. The image of the chairs I captured, would still be beautiful in a digital crisp in black-and-white form, but for an artistic purpose I personally think that the fine grain of the film, brings some little extra magic. It brings value to the image, that I know wouldn't be there if it was a single photo within 200 other photos I took that day.

'My Notre dame'  (2013)
Zoë Bull

I only took two films with me and got about 65 well developed images back, by sending them to one of the few labs in the UK. When it comes to black-and-white film, there is no point going to Snappy Snaps or Boots, because they won't be able to do anything about it. It's not like coloured film where the negatives are digitally developed, so it felt quite special knowing that these films would be developed in a different way. I even got a CD with my prints, along with the negatives.

'Eiffel in Seine'  (2013)
Zoë Bull

The magic of film is that you have about 36 exposures, 36 chances to capture your holiday in the way you want to. You can really think about what you want to take and what would make the moments away from home special. There is more of a reason behind why you took them, rather than just working on impulse. But nonetheless, you can work in the same way with digital photography if you really want to. I like working like that when I can. I ask myself *What do I really want to capture?*. I want my images to have a purpose and not just sit around on the drive of an electronic device or computer.

I want to make the most of my photos, we all should.

'Let us play'  (2013)
Zoë Bull

If you recently have used some black-and-white film and you are looking for a lab to get them developed, try B&W Film Processing based in Plymouth, UK.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Surrealist Landscape - My Digital Puzzle

Surrealist Landscape
Zoë Bull (2012-13)


Back in October 2012 I posted a link of my introduction page to my Manufactured Image project. I would like to present to you the rest of my project and the final image which is above. Several shoots, several images and several hours of photoshop. It's definitely what I would call, advance editing project.

I've always been good at collages and it's all about being creative. This project was like a digital puzzle. If you want to have a go, then perhaps taking a look at my progress Tumblr site will give you some inspiration.